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Meets Sauce Paul Lambert so. Twenty two. He played. When I was listening to. Maybe. They have like the sports capsule bit on Iheartradio, and they said it. No kidding you sound like. A millionaire. How old was grover Cleveland's wife when they got married? Twenty nine. Hit thirty it's over. Women one hundred. Percent Let's talk. I sit thirty. I thought about about that, so you will station. Maybe have kids right away. At what did you say agree with carly? It's over thirty. Saucy Arrow twenty. Three. A single president now the amount of tale, a single president component. Twenty six six. None of you nailed it though one of your closest though. We won't give you the point, but Sashi were very close twenty two. What's his forty now? She was twenty two. He's the. Right course. He begs a twenty two year old, and because we're almost out of time. which sex is most likely to pull the OREO cookie part before eating it Carly did sacks. Now. I'd say women because they're methodical mental care. They just take the cookie like cave managed over their mouth right right right, right? My sources say sauce does not just. fussing. Corey. I hate to agree with Rosie again, but I also feel like women are more likely to sit around and just metal. Just eat them just dental it exactly. What is your deal taken still? Said when I don't know. Credible great minds think alike. It is female. Three Ori- nice job! Afternoon on Phil. To fifty fifty. Misleading. Don't give one today. Fifty. Guests yellow as a flavor. Obstacles Man. Everytime so inexpensive. Giving everybody in the neighborhood. La Via Lobue, so you have an after party angle that we can talk about right with old men, old men advice l.. This is going. On we're back tomorrow five thirty to nine don't forget Friday the initials Jackpot up to what twenty five hundred dollars in its game, three eleven three eleven Friday. Yeah, that's this Friday we're back tomorrow. As next..

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