Decorating In The Era Of Zoom


I know that sounds really weird, but you know we're in this time and place right now. Where a lot of us are communicating with other people whether it's friends, family co workers through these video conference calls whether it's you know zoom or facetime or whatever technology you choose to follow. We love to sell three of those, but I think these sudden. Sudden prominence of these technologies in our lives right now has put new focus on what our homes look like in the background like how we present ourselves and our houses by what is on the screen behind us when we do, the zoom calls totally I was on his own call for work. The other day and I like had to find a place on my bed. That didn't look like I was on abandoned. Like I'm doing this. I'm going to bed but I'm going to make it. Look like there's just like an artful mirror behind me and I could be anywhere I could be like in the foyer. Still have a foyer I want to get into that in a second because I think there are actually two parts to this phenomenon, one is the like how you actually change your own home, but the other one is also like the voyeuristic element of getting to see other people's homes in this way because we're not just talking. Talking about like your boss or your co worker, or your grandma or whomever, you're calling, but also like TV now we're used to now seeing newscasters and sports, figures and celebrities, and all these people coming to our screens from their homes with their own offices and kitchens and bedrooms in the background, and it's like this kind of weird way to see inside someone's personal life that we weren't privy to before I I love watching some good news. You guys remember. We dug that with John Kuczynski is it. Christmas gear croissants. Kaczynski, Kristen Ski I just liked seeing his bookshelves and I like seeing like his kids made the sign like there's this homey nece, and this like almost depth like i. feel like I, know him better because I've seen a room in his house and I've seen how his kids draw I know. That's false death, but it feels like it's almost seems like a weird equalizer in a way like I know. A lot of these people have homes that are much grander and fancier than our everyday homes, but still to see this person whom you're used to seeing under studio, lighting and with makeup and fancy cameras suddenly. Just in their basement yeah, no, there was some celebrity I forget who it was now, but they were in front of big billiton's, and like four people deemed me and said like they need your help with the built in I. Wish I could remember who it was, but I was like that's so funny that you're looking at the celebrities instead of their face, but then I'm also like I m too, and I have an idea I heard a whole podcast where they were talking about during the NFL draft, which was held virtually this year. We didn't watch it. We're not NFL draft. Be pulled our sports as power-washing. To podcast about the NFL draft, but they were saying how people were getting distracted, and more people actually tuned into the draft this year, and they think partially because of the voyeur element of getting to see in the players and owners homes like that, and so became almost a more watchable event than it typically is something intimate about it right even if it's like they've selected this room, and it has nothing personal in the background and decorated. Maybe it's like in their guest house like we don't know the full story, but there is something about being like. Wow, that's like in their private space and we're seeing it and there's actually a. A whole twitter account about this. You mentioned the thing about wanting to restyle bookcases. Someone sent me a link to an article about room raider. I don't think that's the actual twitter. Handle but I'll link the twitter account in the show young dot com slash podcast, but is this account that basically all they do is post screen shots of people who are on television you know through zoom or some other teleconferencing and the twitter account rates their background, snarky or funny than snarky like it's not really that hard hitting. Although they do call out specific things, they'll say love. Angle bookcases Nice at a plant I would fully agree that everyone could. Could add another plant two and three. I also even found an article through Verandah, where they consulted with an interior designer about how people can make their homes look better in the background and it lines up with a lot of things that actually room raiders talking about I. Don't know who runs the room rate account, and if they have an interior design background. I don't think they do. I think they're more comedic well. I would say these are my personal tips because I have had a lot of work calls lately where I'm on. You know a great, and it's only four of us I know my rectangles pretty big. You know when? When I'm on a call with like thirty people for work I don't really care about the background that much, but when I'm on like just a few people, I'm like Oh. They're gonna see everything, so my tips are like to face a window, so there's light on my face as opposed to like being under a candlelight and looking like a goon. Yes, and this is actually something that we have struggled with because I think you might assume we have plenty of Nice style backgrounds to choose from when Nigel. No, especially in our last house, because when we laid out our office and everything, we didn't have this perspective on a layout like. Like what will the background look like on a call like this? That was not in the forefront of our brain, like it is now, and we used to like to make a lot of our calls using my desktop computer, because it has the big screen, but I sat with two windows behind me, so we were basically silhouettes on every call always which I didn't mind guys because you don't even have to make about when you're. You're like anonymous light, but my other tip. I was GONNA. Say some tips so number one face. A window is nice because you get that natural light on your face number to try not to look like. Like. You're into weird or intimate of a spot. Why WanNa look like I was in my bed. I also don't like to look like ooh. That could be a bathroom. I'm not in a bathroom, but when I look at the background, my question, I asked myself as like. We'll someone think this is a bathroom, and if the answer is yes, I move, and then my third tip is just around for something weird in the background. Because often something weird becomes normal to your eyeballs. An example would here. We have packing blankets still on a few windows that we're waiting for blinds for those look normal to me because I've seen them for. For six weeks now, but to someone else they look like. Why do you have like gray shaggy felt hanging from one side of the window off of a nail, like looks like the pelt of a very sad creature, so look around and say like what are my eyeballs used to? That seems normal to me, but isn't really normal. Another example would be like if you always hanging your bra over the chair. Don't do the zoom call in front of the chairs. Everyone can see your bra in the background like think about what's behind you and then shift the camera a little bit to make it look. I don't know

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