BTS #29 Kyle Boyar on Microbiological Testing, Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, LIMS


My name is Kyle Boyer. I am a principal at my consulting firm. Katie consultations, I also serve as vice, chair and scholarship chair at the cannabis chemistry subdivision with the American Chemical Society, and also actually recently employed with a company called tag leaf, and I am the director of product science there. into the curious about Canada's podcast. Everybody this is Jason Wilson with a curious about cannabis podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in once again as a today I'm really excited to be sitting down with somebody who? Newly acquainted with, but we have a lot in common and I'm sure we'll have a lot of good stuff to talk about here. I'm with Kyle Boyer Kyle. Thanks so much for being willing to come on the podcast today. Thanks for having me today Jason Been a real big fan of what you've been doing. I see all the leaders in the space on your podcast, so I'm honored to be amongst them. Oh. Yeah, thanks so much for following along. It's been a fun journey so far. coming across all the great people have been able to interview so far and happy to have you part of the team. so for those of you I mean some people might be familiar with summary work. You're pretty active on social media, doing education and trying to bring attention to cannabis science. You're also involved with the sort of cannabis chemistry arm of the American Chemical Society but for anyone that may be hasn't heard of you before any of your work. Do you mind kind of just talking a little bit about kind of your background where you came from how you got into Canada science in the spinoff from there? so. I got my degree in Neuro, science, from the University of California Santa Cruz in two thousand twelve, and probably not the typical thing that a neuroscience degree or neuroscience major would be doing. But I used to throw electronic music events during my time at UCSC. And so this don't worry. This leads into how I actually got. Star began with science. But basically I had this event at. The local venue they're called the catalyst. We brought out chromatic grids for any of your listeners who are familiar with electronic music and there I had a friend who helped me with my shows. He's like you know. This guy, really gonNA WANNA meet. He runs a cannabis lab in town and I. Think you guys would really hit it off. And of course I I was a big fan of cannabis. All throughout high school and college made my own dabs at whatnot. So when I met this guy, you know I explained my background at the time I didn't have a ton of experience but you know it was about to graduate and I really wanted to stay in Santa Cruz so basically here I. Am you know at my show? I'm bike? Hey, dude, you could really help me out by giving me a job. Say, in, town. and. Anyway we ended up hitting it off and so. I followed up with him and ended up sitting down for an interview at the lab two weeks later and. They basically hired me on the spot again. I was still very fresh without much lab experience, so start off as a lab technician. Work my way up. The chain became an analyst and then became laboratory manager around two thousand and fourteen. Maybe it was fifteen either way. It's a while ago, but this is all perfor- the age of compliance right so I actually ended up leaving, see labs in two thousand sixteen before all the compliance stuff started to kick in, but we were working towards ISO and seven, zero, two five I'm so I got a lot of background on that ended up doing some trainings through an ice.

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