Keeping in Check: Maintaining Spirituality in the Influencer Space (ft. Omar Shahid)

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Salaam welcomed another team via podcast brought to you by the Vibe as always I'm your host. Salim Qasim and this week I'm joined by from the Muslim influence and network. The Muslim infants networker, celebrating their third birthday. And I've known Omar for for quite a few years now. And we discuss or about to discuss I guess the general landscape of of influences and the whole space Muslim influences and representation and also I guess how. Influences can. Maintain that sincerity. We spoke a lot about sincerity. which I think is a really important point. When thinking about the the the the digital space and people growing their own platforms. And why they're doing it and whatever else? We also talk a lot about evenly. Miller who was on a previous podcast with us? I can't remember the episode number. It was called a slum in the hood. It was just a few weeks actually before the whole lockdown and Shenanigans took place. We had a fantastic conversation. Please do inside podcast. By. Yeah, so this time almost was actually on the podcast that time he came into office. This one's conducted over zoom I'm, but we didn't get much time to speak to. And delving deeper into will these topics around the influences and the burden responsibilities term I use quite in the podcast. And various other bits so yet without further ADO, here's my conversation with Oma. Consummating! I'm good very much. The Virginia nuns focused Ab. Regulations for yourself on on three years of influence network. You were not us. A few have lost track of time in Kobe, but if you. And January a jury. When the world was normal than you could be office so yeah you with. that. And we were at all about at story. I guess if people do listen back to that in check out the Compensation, we had the shed so much and shows guests like for me. These people uninfluenced should be especially in the kind of in space. But we also discussed on their the fact that we should probably have a separate compensation yourself. Because I think there's a lot to discuss generally around this space. But I staw- off with. Can you share with us with myself? Whatever a little bit of background is the to how you saw at out in Western influences I'm wet weather. The idea came from just a is the genesis of that was the funds the network? Yes so. I'm. Twenty years old colleagues on the. I've been working with influences for. Seven years now. and. It started when I was. Using my. Sheet Autism who approached me and said you know what we don't want to us. Seem that used to be a journalist and use? Oh, Amid if we have some insights into what we're trying to do. So I, said you know what I don't know anything about influence. A management I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to advise you, but you know what s give it a shot. Silently? We started with them some. In music, the sheet industry. Led to another working with a comedian photographer. You and then someone in school it's. And the previous manage people like cottage city can. Become Allah talked about. cross poss with managing advisers are not. The. Is and what? What specifically is your role? I guess in order the because I can imagine what it is now would be very different when it's not is How how did that come to beats it to be in the place that you guys aren't now because I think. We'll get onto about some of the some of the campaigns, and whatever else now you guys. What would some sizable? Brands and I think on the Rubicon mangoes took my head I. Believe Prime off I could be wrong. Yeah like huge huge names, and and you guys full front of kind of working with them and influences in doing campaigns. How did it will stop? What trump to even want WANNA. Get involved in this space. Yes, I was working with influences story people when I was working at a charity. I'm my business on a safe and we actually worked to name. She wants a campaign together and off to the campaign will be realizes up is actually no one to represent. These guys know into the the cough to them. That will being. No one to think about the future and it's kind of like wild wild west. It's no one nobody really knows what they're doing. Just kind of screwing industry that nobody knows what's what's going on,

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