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New Jersey businesses are on


New Jersey businesses are on the path to fail. Resident from eight more states now on New Jersey's quarantine list. Details of our top stories coming up in the minutes ahead. We begin this morning with our first weather as we approach the holiday weekend Heart, mostly cloudy skies Force here today. Scattered showers even thunderstorms for us here today. Especially as we head through this afternoon into this evening, any storms that we do see what have the potential for gusty winds and heavy downpours Highs today? Lower eighties mid sixties Tonight Sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon highs ranging for the mid eighties, too near 90 degrees Cold front bringing showers and storms Friday afternoon with highs in the upper eighties, too low nineties and then sunshine settling in for the July 4th weekend. Low eighties, both Saturday and Sunday. Meteorologist Ken Boom time a New Jersey's first news five whole one as Corona virus cases surge in much of the nation top U. S health officials on Capitol Hill, stressing the importance of wearing a mask to stop the spread. Dr Anthony Fauci with a grim warning. We're now

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