The Hunchback of Vietnam - 145 - burst 14


Gallery of religious fanatics for Vice President Mike Pence to ag bill bar on on. These are like these are indeed dark times Don pompeo. Won't how can I forget pumping devos? We can keep going. We yeah, we keep going for the rest of the segment. So yeah, and these are dark times, but as rust Cole said in the final scene of true detective well looking up at the night sky is just one story, the oldest light versus dark, and once there was only dark. If you ask me the winning. A strangely hopeful moment in that show, so yeah, he's very very out of your. Odd Way to end that show. So while we struggle to keep church and state separate in our country, let's take a look at a place where those two things are inextricably linked and spoiler alert. It doesn't end well today. Let's talk about the

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