The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Archetypes


I'm. Where going back to daily bread. archetypes are perennial teams that reside at the level of the collective universal source. They are representations of our collective soul's yearnings imagination. And deepest is is. These archetypes have existed in every culture in every tradition since the beginning of time. archetypes, our ancient gods themes, motifs stories literature. Art Paintings. Even paintings on the was of caves from longtime ago and they embody. Symbolically. Themes of expanded or higher consciousness, you can say symbolic representations. Of A particular aspect. Of The divine intelligence archetypes and Forms and shapes the there soon. Shift throughout history, but their core meaning that Gore theme that God motif remains the same. archetypes everywhere. In popular culture. Movie Stars Sports Heroes. They're all basically representations of archetypes. Visionary leaders are representations of archetypes. Saints are great activists like Nelson Mandela Martin Luther King Junior. Mark Maguire Andy Abraham, Lincoln or Representation of archetypes, but so products may be a brand of sopa Volkswagen brand, new car, or even Marlboro cigarettes. These represents architects, the guy who's used to advertise Marlboro cigarettes who has a? Very tough-looking. Cowboy on the Horse, and now of course is on a respirator, but that archetype. Of was very successful in selling cigarettes. And Johnnie Walker is a very successful. archetype selling whiskey. Because it attracts a certain team, a certain personality, a certain story. Movies TV soap operas, media tabloids. These are actually all right. archetypes. And every person they representing every idea they represent are every product represent seems to be larger than life. It seems uncomplicated. It seems at least the way it's advertise pure of intent, whatever that intent may be sacred or profane. It does matter. And so I say exaggerated expressions of the conscious energy of the collective source. That is the adventure or the secret of the sage of the rescuer of the redeemer or the love object. That the archetype represents. is in fact, the symbolic representation of a divine intelligence in the conscious energy of our collective Sola. Born of the collective soul, but enacted by the individual. Becomes very powerful as they representation. Of that are detected theme for example Marilyn. Monroe was the archetype of the Greek Greek Goddess Aphrodite representing sensuality and beauty and sexuality.

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