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Weekly winter solid week in the in the world was professor wrestling, but mark We ended our one talking about it. We didn't get into it enough so I. WANNA switch back to it now as we kinda talk about everything that was going on in wrestling back to test the Blanchard getting released from impact I. Just want to I want to revisit this Your surprise level Why didn't I don't know how much the accusations of racism in the? The things that you know were surrounding her from six months ago. Play into account. I don't know we can speculate. I. I guess I would be surprised that it happened now in not six months ago. what happens next I think a logical landing space the place, a lot of are throwing around his Awa, because obviously her father is there, but I would say. Nah I wouldn't say the best wet wrestler women's wrestlers in the world. The best roster is in the WWE. 'cause. You See Tessa blanchard landing in the WB. Wait what happens next smart. You know man I don't think that the Ratio being is playing part of they. A lot of it is She's been in Mexico during his Ho. Covert Hell And from what I'm hearing. They wanted her to do some promos in different Baynes than income back in actually appear on the show. is she said No. So her contract was coming up in a month anyway. So if you're not gonNA work, YOU'RE NOT GONNA at least send us video footage of you doing something holding the title on your shoulder insane saying you know what this Kobe held has got me locked down, but. I'M GONNA. Come back and I'm going to beat a champion and now. Yup. She just didn't do it. And something's gotTa give I want to hear from her I don't want to hear from the dirt. She's I. Don't WanNa. Hear from.

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