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All right. So wait. Give me that again. Trump is going to be helped.


And they're both very good choices. I like it. Good stuff wanted under 283 What? A 1.5. Frank is in Burlington on New Jersey. 101.5. Hello, Frances. You know, I'm good. But call me Steve. I'm sorry, Steve. I I I'll get my name in about this new station or atomic stuff. That's OK. Same thing happens to me. I know these guys, you know, and I'm listening to you all the time. I don't want to do it. But anyway for Ah, Biden, right. I was stuck in the middle with you. Okay? And for Trump, I would say, Don't get cold again anew. Don't get fooled again. You know what? I think That would be more of a Biden thing because he was already to vice president and they bring him back. It would be. Don't get fooled again. Yeah, but you know, I was around for a little bit. I didn't even realize that he has now been running for president three times. Biden. Yeah. How about how bad would it be? If this time with the trauma Oh, I don't really know. I just know that we need to change and I don't make it any better. Nor do I see Trump. We just Festivities. We don't

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