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Mostly fear Carl Reiner belong to that generation of Jewish comics who helped define American comedy in the 20th century. He was born in the Bronx in 1920 to 2 immigrant parents. He began as a serious actor than a stand up comic. In 1950 Sid Caesar hired Reiner for the pioneering live TV sketch comedy programme. Your show of shows he was a writer alongside Woody Allen, Neil Simon and Mel Brooks, among others. And he acted as a supporting player being a second banana to such a massive first banana didn't wasn't come down at all for me, I realized I was working with the best. Carl Reiner always seemed to work with the best from Sid Caesar and Mel Brooks to Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin to George Clooney and Amy Poehler. His most memorable solo creation came way back in 1960 when he wrote a script for a TV sitcom called Head of the Family. It was about well TV comedy writer The star Carl Reiner. It didn't sell until another actor was cast in the lead thief Dick Van Dyke show was a milestone in American

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