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Van Dyke Show, The Driving Force in American Comedy as a writer, director and producer. He was 98. Stocks closed higher today, and Netflix moves cash to black owned businesses. Here's Justin Ho with the marketplace minute. I'm Justin Ho with the marketplace minute. Stocks closed higher on Tuesday, with the Dow up 8/10 percent of the S and P 500 up 1.5% in the NASDAQ, up 1.9%. This's the final trading day of the second quarter, during which the S and P 500 so its biggest quarterly gain in over 20 years, and the Dow so its biggest gain since 1987. Consumer confidence is on. The rise to the index of how we're feeling about the economy is prepared by the conference board. It rose by 14% in June. That's the biggest one month gain since 2011 but the index remains below pre pandemic levels. Streaming giant Netflix is depositing $100 million of it's cash on hand in black owned banks. The company says the move should help the banks lend more to their communities. The IRS says it will not extend the filing deadline for a second time this year. Taxpayers can file for an extension, but they have to pay any taxes owed by July 15th. I'm Justin Ho with the marketplace minute. Four W. J R News. I'm Marie Osborne,

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