GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 706: The New NBA Schedule, Cam Is A Patriot, and Jersey Statements - burst 03


A lot of people pointed out how the PELICANS schedule. Looks Pretty, easy in in. We'll go through its own. They play the clippers Nazi not not easy game. They play clippers the grizzlies. Magic kings twice. SPURRIER's jazz wizards. Which? I mean outside of the. Clippers in jazz legacy technically will not then we know. Let me say that. Jazz, Who are? Obviously. The higher quality, teams. Then everyone else they'd play is winnable games in theory Osceola now because it's GonNa be weird. You got to see WHO ADJUSTS BASS to new environment and coming back and stuff, but is it even like the grew these are they need to? Need to get past him to get into Blouse, anyway. They play the Kings twice who? Again are around. The same record is them, but they're not. They're not. The Lakers are not the nuggets one of those teams. You play the wizards. Who I on when you play them, who knows if they're If they also be fighting or not, so that game could be less important for the wages than would be for the Pelicans, but again it's not like that great of a team during the same thing with the spurs again. They're like the kings where you're fighting with them for the spot, but none of those are like. Oh, my Gosh! I don't think they're like automatic. But As people point out the clipper, arming uncovers the PELICANS and I believe I talked about this. A while back to seems like see like it was like last year. That's how long ago teams since ports have been prevalent in our lives. But I believe talks about how like the Pelicans had a good chance to make a Rhonda's schedule for season was pretty easy saucy. This lens to that again can't be easy as it would be. They don't have as many bad teams on the schedule. Or different bags. You could say quote unquote, because when I'm saying like goes bad because again. In the bubble is necessarily not a bad team. But they don't have, they don't have the luxury of being able to play some of the worst teams in the league. So there is that so technically I. think There's a little bit harder than it was, but still they have objective with the easiest schedule of anybody coming back. I believe. Until the strength schedule and stuff like that, so that helps them now that was.

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