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The Economy Soo in Texas I'm Anne Kate's.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he's not going to move ahead until later next month. I said back in March, we take another look at this. Probably in July. Take a snapshot of where we are. Both on the hell front and on the economic recovered from Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin says the American people cannot wait. The unemployment assistance that we passed on the cares act expires at the end of July on August 1st, millions and millions of unemployed workers will lose their federal assistance. Congress is poised to go out of town for the July 4th holiday and won't be back before the middle of next month. Linda Canyon Washington. More than 30 Texas bars are suing the state after they were shut down again. When announcing bar closures last week, Governor Rabbit said it's clear that the rise in cases in Texas is largely driven by certain types of activities, including congregating in bars, capacity and restaurants was reduced from 70 find 50% but they're still open water parks, movie theaters in stores all still open to this week, More than 30 bar owners filed a lawsuit challenging the governor's emergency order bar owners. Argue that their rights have been trampled by Abbott while thousands of businesses are on the brink of bankruptcy. Clayton Nevel Dallas A classified White House briefing has been held on U. S intelligence that Russia offered Taliban fighters bounties for killing American troops. Correspondent Jeremy Diamond director of national intelligence was in the room. But again, all of the officials who were in the room were all political appointees of the presidents and most of them. Former Republicans. The officials who you did not have their who the Democrats say they would like to get briefed. By now on the intelligence is the career intelligence officials, the intelligence analysts who would actually be able to provide an unvarnished, unbiased view of this intelligence On Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrial average closed up 217 points. Man Kate's It's time to check the roads from the traffic. Good afternoon. This checking traffic sponsored by Loew's crash with interest on Decatur, just north of Vegas, Dr Entry wreck on Flamingo and pay goes that

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