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Long Beach 80 in Fullerton. It's 3 47 Comedy legend Mel Brooks is sharing his thoughts about his best friend, Carl Reiner, who died today at the age of 98. Brooks tweeted that Reiner was a giant unmatched in his contributions to entertainment. The two met in 1950 when Reiner joined Sid Caesar's show of shows, and Brooke says they've been best friends ever since. In their bit, the 2000 year old man, Brooke says there was never a better straight man than Reiner. He concluded by saying that he knows it's a tired cliche, but Carl Reiner will be greatly missed one of those remembering Reiner today, Bay Area actor stand up comedian radio talk show host to Brian Copeland, who sells kg next, The Hollywood Legend changed his life. Reiner was a guest on his show Asked him about his work,

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