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School bus driver inspired by kids to go back to school himself


Than the Metro was school bus drivers going back to college himself, pursuing his own dream of becoming a high school teacher, W. B. C's Kim Tunnicliffe reports. It's all thanks to some of the kids on his bus. Framingham School bus driver Clayton Ward loves history. The 30 year old went to college right after high school to become a history teacher, but ended up dropping out for the last few years. He's been helping some of the students on his bus with Her history lessons, encouraging them to view major events through the eyes of those who experienced them. The kids tell Ward they wish he was their teacher working with the kids really made me want to go back to school, expand their minds in the world of history is not always the best subject can be boring. At times. I want to try to not make it as Dole for them. The kids were really the big inspiration could give me the kick in the butt. You go back to school board has just completed his associates degree at Mass Bay Community College and will be transferring to Framingham State in the fall to get his bachelors

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