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Now all minor league seasons for 2020 will be cancelled.


Currently under isolation. Now all minor league seasons for 2020 will be cancelled. An uncertain future for that level of baseball comes with it likes Cohen is the play by play voice of the Triple A Iowa Cubs tough. It's pretty tough, all wrapper all these minor league baseball counts, especially with how of a precarious situation minor league baseball's him when it comes to possibly contracting. Certain minor league franchises. We've heard a number of possibly 42 franchises getting contracted me That hasn't been guarantee that's not solidified for 90 means, but it's scary. It's scary to know that in some of these locations that we could have seen the last of minor league baseball. You know the main reason that there is no. 2020 season. Of course, the major league clubs cannot supply enough players for minor league affiliates to play a season. The Cubs, for example, beyond a large number of players, it'll work out at Wrigley Field this week have 11 additional players. It will also be working out at their single A facility in South Bend, The Rockies Ian Desmond says he'll sit out the season due to covert 19 concerns. He has four young Children. The 34 year old Desmond hit 20 homers for the Rockies last season, says We'll be looking for ways to improve and develop youth baseball programs in Florida, where he lives with sports on your home of the Bears. Dave current Ernie's radio 7 81 5.9 FM news

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