Crossing the Hudson on Delaware. You're fine.


Avenue in Woodbridge Avenue. It's the down utility pole and wires across the roadway from an earlier accident. Edison Police say it could be several more hours before they open that up. State withdrew one through the area on the parkway travelling north down north of Exit 29 having up towards exit 36. I'll find some construction along the way and some delays along the way as well. The left lane is out of service and a good ride up towards 2 80 No complaints on the sound found side Turnpike North down truck lanes closed the entire length of the roadway from Mansfield in Newark. That's overnight construction and coming soon in the next half hour. The term plague trump lanes. South Donnelly closed as well. So all North and South found Valium will be utilizing the car lanes tonight. Crossing the Hudson on Delaware. You're fine. If you're driving less. You could be saving more on car insurance. Save money with paper mile insurance from all state, Local Allstate agent and get a quote. Traffic every 15 minutes. Your next report at 803 Mike Barker on New Jersey 101.5. Jersey, one of 1.5 instant weather looks like it is going to be plenty warm is we got through the next several days as we head through the 19 hours a chance of a shower thunderstorms we got through the

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