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Did a milling and paving mass transit. No major delays the cable over a 24 hour traffic center. I'm brought in Ramona. The NBC 11th alert forecast overnight chance of an early thunderstorm. Partly cloudy low 70 Wednesday partly sunny in the morning showers and thunderstorms likely mostly in the afternoon and evening and a high of 86. 74 right now in Juniata Park, 77 in Winona. It's 72 degrees at the Acme and pay only sponsored by Acme Download the Acme Apt to save A spokeswoman for Governor. Wolf says he will sign two police reform bill sent to his desk by the Senate, and there are more law enforcement reform bill still working their way through the legislature. Cabe y W. Harrisburg Bureau chief Tony Romeo report. One bill sent to the governor would require a thorough background check for someone seeking employment as a law enforcement officer. The other bill sets requirements for police training, including use of force and diversity training. Other police reform bills that were passed by the Senate are awaiting action in the House. One of those bills is sponsored by Philadelphia Senate Democrat Sharif Street. We have moved forward any resounding way,

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