Roads on a Tuesday night, Peter Scofield. What we looking at?


Looking at? We're looking at San Mateo. This is Highway 92 West Bound and Ralston Avenue. The right lane is blocked. With no estimated time for reopening the left lane is open because of the brush fire in the area. You'll come to the back up at the Anza from there about five minutes to get through. The back of Caltrans is now calling this a hard to closure for the right lane. Which means basically forget the right lane. Also in San Mateo, wanna won both directions stretches of slow traffic. Now as that overnight road work that will result in the new express lanes between Redwood City and San Bruno sets up for the night. It should be gone by 6 a.m. In Sausalito. One South found at Spencer Avenue. Caltrans is setting up overnight roadwork in advance of the maintenance work necessary at the Golden Gate Bridge. The three left lanes are blocked. The right lane is open. And that'll be the case all the way down to the south tower. And then the whole thing goes away. Five AM in

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