Why hasn't Boris Johnson released the Russia report? - burst 3



I think steele is probably the most famous radio spy since James Bond. And he has the advantage shipping rail I-. Pass him on occasions. Met To that in that case, yeah I mean he doesn't have much like James Bond. I mean he like. Oh, good spies wreck spies. He's rather conspicuous, smartly dressed. I contact medium highest now Noun, his mid fifties, and he was refusing from university trains to speak Russian in the late nineteen eighty s and posted is genius by to the Soviet Union in April of Nineteen Ninety at the time of. Kind of rapid change tanks are also positioned outside the Russian parliament building Boris Yeltsin's headquarters. Democratically elected president of Russia was soon striding out of the building to address a crowd of supporters, his own radio and television stations by now occupied forced off the air. He climbed aboard one of the red. Army is own tanks and set the coup leaders of disgraced the Soviet Union. Tim You. He watched Yeltsin climb on on that tank. Remember that was the KGB to in the summer of mine. She Wan- Casteel was the reporting back on what's going on and he spent three is in most. AM basically. was involved in woolmer another throughout the rest of his mice occur in rushing offense, is so he someone familiar with with the KGB successor agency the SP? Two thousand six when me

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