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Figuring out how they're going. Hand over their


For what they hope will be a major league baseball season to begin in late July, the 60 game season for 2020 There will be no such season for the minor leagues. The 2020 campaign cancelled today. So minor league affiliates all over the country now wondering what their futures look like. Here's w BB EMS Rick Rake it all sunk in about two weeks ago, says Kane County Cougars President Curtis How the guys at the major League level having enough trouble. Figuring out how they're going. Hand over their 30 teams, let alone You know, send out all these young players across the country to 160 different finally, you know cities across America, and it just didn't make sense. So the announcement that affiliated minor league baseball would not happen was mainly a formality. How good the Cougars are trying to look ahead to 2021 but with a likely realignment of the miners on tap, That's trickier than it sounds. Rick Greg, his radio one of 5.9 FM Yankeesgeneral manager Brian Cashman's says he expects Aaron Judge Giancarlo Stanton and pitcher James Paxton all to be available to the team when they start their season July 23rd judge has had shoulder discomfort. Paxton underwent surgery last winter to repair a herniated disc. Also outfielder Aaron Hicks expected to be ready to go. In less than a month in the Angels say to waste our Shohei Otani will be able to pitch as well as hit this season, the Japanese product only used as a designated hitter in 2019 after he underwent Tommy John surgery and for the moment, MLB says the August 13th Field of Dreams game with the Yankees and White Sox in Dyersville, Iowa, is still on. But because of travel considerations, it's possible the Yankees will be dropped from the game with

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