She criticized The New York Times and other news outlets


In 10 10 wins in New Jersey. White House officials say that now President Trump has been given an intelligence briefing on the possibility that Russia paid the Taliban in Afghanistan to kill U. S troops. Is to Trump's aides insist he was never briefed about the allegations in March, or even more than a year ago. The president's been briefed by intelligence officials now, White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany says she criticized The New York Times and other news outlets for putting out stories about Russia maybe offering a bounty to Taliban fighters for killing Americans in Afghanistan. This report makes it more difficult to come to a consensus on this matter to verify intelligence. This level of controversy and discord plays directly into the hands of Russia and, unfortunately serves their interests. When pressed if she was parsing about him not being briefed months ago, Mcenany specifically said the president reads all written material in his intelligence packet. Bob Costantini, the White House Wins

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