Exploring the Mysteries at the Edge of the Solar System - burst 17


China has launched the final satellite in its bid. Our military navigation system the spacecraft was launched aboard a Long March. Three rocket from the Chiang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province, the completed but Al. three navigation system now consists of twenty seven satellites in medium. Earth orbits five in geostationary orbit. Inclined Geosynchronous orbits with another twenty earlier generation satellites is opening space, but how provides Beijing's military with its own satellite navigation system for timing and targeting independent of the Russian Glonass European. Galileo and American chief. Yes, networks as well as serving. China's military civilian signals are also available for third. World countries taking part in China's sprawling built road finance initiative this space time. And Tom Matic another brief look at some of the other stories, making use incites this week with a science report and you study shows that over the past five years summa see us in the. Area of Antarctica has decreased by more than a million square kilometers. That's an area. The size of the states of New South Wales and Victoria Combined The findings reported the journal Geophysical Research. Letters looked at satellite. Records of see is whether analyses starting in the late nineteen seventies in order to understand why some see us in the were dealt. Sea of Antarctica has reduced by more than the third over the last five years. They found the ice loss occurred. Occurred Geeta series of severe storms in the Arctic in twenty six

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