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Someone's cut out at the Open Coliseum, the team will send them baseball. The baseball that hit it. Proceeds from the program will benefit the A's community fund from the MBA. NEW Orleans PELICANS. AH general manager David Griffin says that three New Orleans players have tested positive for covert 19. And will be in self isolation until testing shows they can return to team activities without infecting others. Griffin declined identify the players, citing medical privacy laws. The tests occurred on June 23rd the first day all members of the team were tested as part of the NBA's plan to restart the season. Griffin hopes those players will be clear to go into the bubble in Orlando. Let's not kid ourselves. I mean, this quarantine situation is going to be difficult. It's going to be a war of attrition to a huge degree from Mental standpoint, and we want to be the team that's most well suited to take advantage of that. So what we're asking our players do as please don't participate in this unless you could do it. Mind, body and spirit with every fiber of who you are, but We have no reason to believe that this moment

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