At the Texas capital over the


At the Texas capital over the closure of bars due to Corona virus today, rally goers say Governor Greg Abbott made the wrong decision last week when he issued the executive order other asking the state to open back up so they could make a living in attendance was shelling. Luthor, the North Texas salon owner, put in jail last month for opening early despite orders to stay closed. As she told the crowd, she sympathized with them and encourage them to prove they could be responsible. Texas Workforce Commission is suspending its work search requirement. An agency spokesman says the rules being paused for another few weeks due to the pandemic. A national coin shortage is affecting Texans Science could be found at area businesses warning customers not to pay with cash or to use correct change when possible, according to the Federal Reserve, the US meant dialed back production to protect its employees. From the Corona virus. I'm Carrie Laki. From the W away.

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