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Rise Up Now to Hypnotherapy with Christine Deschemin - burst 3


Quite impressive as well as the. But. We'll talk about that so you went onto move to Hong. Kong because your company grew, or you had some just some business able headed had to go on from from actually. I was feeling finance when I moved to Hong Kong, so I always say. That makes sense. There, yes, and You know being in Hong. Kong. I, think you, you seem more. Talented ways of caring for oneself. I would say yum, so. Fast paced environment, but yeah I was waiting Hong. Kong when when I actually created the. Therapy Clinic. Say So, you basically doing both until the. Listening both goes I was doing both. I I by job in finance dyson in doing it on a few saint in finance at the moment, but I'm really really dedicated to. This practice now there's so much do it was. It was expected before I mean you could see the numbers of stats? Globally it was just I was just waiting for it to happen, and the pandemic just accelerated everything level globally just kept on increasing. The longest probably going to get worse because everything's stood on the actual Cova D-.

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