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Evidence that's been reported on and you're seeing complications


There? There seems to be evidence that a lot of the rise in the corona virus cases has come from young people. Is this because of bad practices. We've seen a lot of young people across the country based on different reports, and there's anecdotal evidence that's been reported on and you're seeing complications from young people and Foulke today at the Senate was talking a lot about this, and he said bars are really bad people congregating. Too much in bars, and he's seen more and more complications, he said, from cases of covert 19 in young people And the problem with this is that Paul Young people may not be symptomatic carrier carriers are asymptomatic when they socialize at bars, Aaron in very busy areas, they Risk bringing the virus back to people who are elderly or those who have underlying health conditions, And that's the kind of reason the impetus for seeing some of these rising numbers. Independence Day has often been a Time of mass gathering. Are we seeing cancellations? We're seeing some cancellations, but President Trump, he is still going to not Rushmore on Friday, and the governor South Dakota. Christine home, said Republican that there will be no social distancing. There's a little bit thousands of people around at Rushmore with President Trump is fireworks go off. But you do see across the country. Many governors and mayors staying on July 4th, maybe watch the fireworks from your backyard. Don't come downtown. And finally, Mr Costa. What do you expect from Congress in the next month or two? The biggest issue facing Congress at this point, and I have spoken to Democratic and Republican lawmakers in recent days is whether to have another round of stimulus. They had their first round and met thousands of

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