Amazon will pay $500M in bonuses to workers powering the company through the pandemic


Amazon his DECI decide to pay five hundred million dollars into bonuses. To workers most expose during Rona. It's giving out one time bonus to its front line employees. Now. This is interesting. Is being given to those most at risk for contracting contracting. Rona who worked for the company through June? This is a parent reversal for the company following weeks of criticism for cutting it's. Grown vires hazard pay. Even as a pandemic has continued, Amazon had to eliminate. It's two dollar an hour hazard pay. starting on June first After I instituted higher wages. In mid March there has pay increases already cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars and so anyway I guess as as a bit of a reversion here. who how it's going to work fulltime Amazon, workers, whole foods, employees delivery service partner drivers will get five hundred dollars. While, they're part-time counterparts. Counterparts will receive two fifty. Amazon! Employees. Leadership positions will get a thousand dollars. I'm sure those folks were in. exposed to people delivery service partner owners will get three thousand and Amazon flex drivers who worked for more than ten hours June will get each a hundred and fifty bucks

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