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Today. You come in here talking about Cam Newton's a Hall of Famer after eight seasons, So which


The stack you kept hitting us with his Cam Newton's own eight in his last eight games. Today. You come in here talking about Cam Newton's a Hall of Famer after eight seasons, So which is it? I'm going to go with Cam Newton is the Hall of Fame or after eight seasons he is. Owen ate his last eight starts. I was just throwing that in because it's funny people in the point that out is they were praising the Patriots, but Did looking at a pro football reference dot com through eight seasons, his career. The numbers he's put up through a seasons are comparable to those of Brett Farve, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Russell Wilson. And the Patriots. I cannot believe that I still can't believe that Only two teams were willing to speak to Cam Newton. And I can't believe the Patriots just got this guy who's only 31 years old. I'd always been hit a lot. But they got this guy just by waiting around. No one else was aggressive in their pursuit of Cam Newton. I find that to be pretty amazing. Greg Cody, are you not a musty Football Hall of Fame voter? What do you have to do to be a musty football Hall of Fame owner? You're the perfect age. You're the perfect you've got the perfect temperament and sensibilities for a gatekeeper. Protecting the sacred place is Cam Newton, a Hall of Famer. And why are you or are you not a Football Hall of Fame voter? I am not. I am in baseball is, you know not football. I think Cam Newton is on the road to Canton. I don't think he's there right now. But what really a shortcut to Canton is when you win a league MVP award, which he has, and that's going to help him get to the whole thing, just as it's going to help Matt Ryan to use an example. So still got usually the place that you end up on. This is not that the winning that you have to do is the M V P of winning that you have to do. I'm surprised that you wouldn't hold that M v p season and coming up short in the last game against them the same way you were ready to do to Patrick Mahomes. If the last six minutes of the last Super Bowl had been different, you Why can't you still be out here saying that Cam Newton can't win the important game if that's so often your analysis for that position where you're talking about winds and responsibility for wind. That's fair. Cam Newton, however, took a Carolina Panther team basically by himself offensively and got them to his Super Bowl was the MVP. Of that year. Plus, I don't think we've seen the entire script yet for Cam Newton now and it's never stopped me before. But now that he's with Bill Bella Jack playing for that organization with that coach and that offensive coordinator, which should not be

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