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Today. Where are they now? See if you can track him now he's doing living large. Get for him. Get him


Jo, This is Kate Way news radio. Every 15 minutes. Hey, it's John Morrissey Day. Hey, I get the red plate. That's cool A week out ourselves. An UN cool drive. Your drive on to 70 has just been awful. I know it's always bad, but with a crash westbound to 70 Vasquez. It's gone from bad to worse. You're backed up to I 70. I 70 is still chugging along very slowly eastbound from 2 70/2 225 That because of an earlier crash on South found 2 to 5 17 They got it clear so that should loosen up a little bit. Wadsworth Crash near 32nd looks like it's just north of 30 seconds between 30 seconds 38 South bound watch, which is really jammed up. Kipling in Alameda is a mess. The lights were malfunctioning. They're so used Wadsworth, south of Sixth Avenue to get around that

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