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McClain's family says the face Max


And dismantle symbols of slavery and racism. Multiple police officers outside Denver or now on paid leave during an investigation into photos that emerged of them near where 23 year old Elijah Maclaine died last summer in police custody. The 23 year old black man was walking down the street and dancing to music. As he wore a ski mask. Three white officers stopped him. They put him in a choke hold and gave him a sedative before he died. The interim police chief for Aurora, Colorado, Vanessa Wilson, says the suspended officers were Own photos near the site where Maclaine died. She didn't provide other details about what the images show or how many officers are on leave. The two photos were taken near where police stopped him on August 24th 2019 as they responded to a report of a suspicious person walking down the street. McClain's family says the face Max gave him comfort in a video of the encounter. Maclaine tells officers Let Go of me. I'm an introvert. Please respect the boundaries that I am speaking. The former Atlanta police officer who shot and killed an African American man who earlier was found asleep at a Wendy's drive. Thru is getting out of jail for a while. On bond, 27 year old former Atlanta police officer Garrett Ralph will be free on $500,000 bond as he awaits trial on felony murder in the shooting death of Ray Shard Brooks Brooks wife to make a Miller tearfully asked the judge to keep Ralph in jail like he had a complete disregard for mother's life. Brooks, a 27 year old black father of four, died June 12th. In a scuffle with the Atlanta police outside a fast food restaurant. Jim Krystle, the CBS The Prince George's County grand jury has now indicted a suspended police officer accused of funneling police information to a sex worker really say Ivan Mendez was suspended more than a year ago after officers who work alongside him told police that he gave a commercial sex worker information about a confidential police investigation. His suspension came April 3rd, 2019. More than a year later. The grand jury has indicted him on one count of misconduct in office, police say once the criminal case against Mendez is completed A

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