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I am around you without a doubt. A raging redhead cab story. George Curt's taking it with us as well.


I think the Marlins are a better team than people realize. The division is talk that they play in, but I think they could get 25 wins. 25 35. What's your take? I think most of what you said. I think they're in what's better team than people realise, and up and coming team. They have a lot of good young arms. Rough division going to play the American League East as well. I don't think this is the year I wouldn't touch this, but one way or the other. I don't think they're a laughingstock. But I think the max they could get 25 26. I probably lean more towards the under. Yeah, the schedule the schedules a killer to play the American League East, a cz Well, that that's their. That's the other teams. They're going to play. But that's what do you make to get 25? Still what I want to take the over. But George brings up a great point. If they

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