#EERS S9 Ep113: Do This Thing I Want Or Else - burst 18


There it makes sense it. If all the young people get the virus. And then develop a level of immunity to it. and we've protected the old people from the virus. That way can probably stop spreading the downside there though is while they're still no evidence that that kids transmit it to parents or into older people. There is some evidence that older teens do so. What do you do like Sweden for example young people were going to school. Kids Middle School. Kids would still go to school, but high school kids would not because they can get the virus that it can do damage to them, and they could spread to their parents, so there are still questions out there but I I will say this is Scott Gottlieb of the WHO used to be the head of the FDA said they're all sorts of scientific breakthroughs that are on the verge of coming in the next few months, and that that will help us tremendously. with with what we're looking at that by the time school starts, things will change I'm still hung up on the outrage or the Mascot Conservative Friends of mine in

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