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Osinde new cases a day.


Osinde new cases a day. I would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 day. Dr. Anthony Fauci says He does not like what he sees in terms of public response to the virus, telling a Senate committee the development of a vaccine is all the more crucial. Senate voted late Tuesday to extend the application deadline for the payroll protection program for businesses till August 8th politicos Daniel Lippman these loans on these grants are very important for businesses to stay afloat. I'm sure the stock market is happy that there is not going to be a halt. A delay in the fate of the House has yet to approve that extension Bill. Where the mask that is the message from doctors who are frustrated at those who are not using face masks in public doctors like Angelique Camp in an E R physician in Burbank, California can't think of any disease process that would preclude

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