Cam Newton Signing Just Made Patriots’ Season A Whole Lot More Exciting


Cam Newton thing in New England though this will be fun right like if if bill Belichick is anti you know don't run over to the stands don't pointed to the sky I hope you wears gold cleats to a regular season game this would be fun to see exactly what happens in New England yeah I mean I don't know it's it's been hard for me anytime this conversation comes up diva is just such a such a the term charged at home right is this Tom Brady not one all I know they know they're gonna get the no I laughed because I believe he does have a lot of Devyn him yes right I mean it let's let's let's we we've applied the phrase to so many different people and you know I tend to push back on it for a lot is Michael Jordan one we watch the last dance if what's it about team or was it on itself it was about him and he thought it was about team but he was very much very much about him yeah but about winning at all costs you know like that's and that's if you win enough then you you kind of get that so for for Newton you know I've had people writing text us and like all bell is a bell check whatever be okay with what cam Newton wears in postgame press conferences and my response is always you've seen Tom Brady right like the guy dressed as the man in black once from Westworld distraught not honor it well yeah he's got a full head to toe the funky had like who cares about any good stuff why does anybody care about any of that stuff and you know to the point that the patriots don't like got a guy like this I don't know so far all of those established in each and NFL players on the team they were tweeting about it seemed to be okay you know it's the seal phrase real recognize real a game recognize game like these guys know that that came to comply and bill Belichick knows that cam Newton comply so you know the the the deeper stuff a diva why because he took a bunch of hits we had a really bad play in the Super Bowl it still looks bad probably haunts him but I don't know if he's healthy he's really good really good if he's healthy and you know like the the fact that he wears number one so what so this tool to talk about laws now wearing number one or number one of Miami's gonna we're number one yeah he wasn't the number one pick yeah that's pretty funny coming out somebody get hung up on the uniforms are we are we mad at to offer where number one what is canon came in and asked for twelve would that be better if you can win one of you said you don't give me twelve right like I don't I just getting caught up on stuff I mean football is a sport with this you know this matters to coaches I I get it it does matter to coaches but does it really matter for results does it really matter all that matters will be whether not he can play for them it can he stay healthy can can they can he be ill have to be Superman and that offense to like because of what they've got with it yeah Hey it's just fits into it at super

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