MBA1560 Q&A Wednesday: How do you consistently publish content? Any tips?


We made sure on time we have a daily podcast is very very important for us to be on top of this whole consistency thing because we have very little room for mistake very little room for error. If you publish weekly, you have a lot more leeway because you published today. You have seven days to make sure you publish again for us. If you publish, you gotTA. Make sure you published tomorrow. Tomorrow the day after the day after you get the point, so my number, one tip one a comes to no matter what the consistency is whether it's daily weekly monthly. You need to make sure you batch batching in every step of the process will save you time effort and headaches and stress of worrying if this is going to publish on time or not so many last me. How do I publish every single day? How do I travel? How do I work? What's what's the deal, Omar? Well I batch. I don't record every episode every day. This is not live radio. I record a bunch of episodes in one shot a couple days of the week and that way we are ahead of schedule that way the episodes or record way in advance so that we have time to work on them to work in the marketing to write the show notes and also gives a. A chance to have a little bit of a breather so that we're not worried about you know if we get sick or retired or need to go on vacation. We can't always be super ahead, but at least we WANNA make sure that we're batching to the point, so that were a few days. If not weeks ahead, so batching is really important Bachelorette, every doing so save. Save for example you are going to publish three videos in the next three weeks. Well, you would actually serve yourself better if you bashed all three scripts. At one time, you roll all three scripts at one time show all three videos at one time edited all through videos at one time. Because content switching is a lot of energy in it waste a lot of time so imagine just having your editing soffer up for your videos, and you just edit one video after another. It's just a lot faster than going through the process eight Z, so for example you script the video than you shoot the video, and then you edit the video, and then after that you publish the video, and then you go back for the second video to script. Script again then shoot against the as you can see. That's now really efficient, so batching every part of the process helps you get a lot more done and get ahead number to always have a publishing schedule literally is a Google Sheet in our organization where we have a schedule of the publishing episode where we have a schedule of the publishing date the name of the episode. Episode the episode number and he sponsors the topic and he notes. We need to pop in there. The point here is that everybody is looking at this sheet understanding when the deadline is. When we need to get this done and having the schedule allows you to know how to batch properly and get ahead a publishing schedule very simple. You can create one again with excel or. or Google sheets, Ilegal she's because share with the team and allows you to be organized in hold yourself accountable number three, and this is not any particular order, but you really should think about a consistency. You're most comfortable with depending on the format. The solid your content you know more is not always merrier, so if you know, you can deliver a weekly video or weekly podcast. podcast Ruby Baucus stick to that like the fact that his question bore said that he's not trying to be over ambitious, which is good. He's trying to be consistent. What's important and that's what I want to emphasize. Your consistency is more important than quantity view consistently published on a cadence seal weekly twice a week. Whatever it is that signals to whatever platform Youtube Apple spotify. Google if it's blog posts that this websites is credible this you know sources credible because they consistently published. They're not hacking their way. They're professional. My next step is simple. A lot of people overlook it. You need to make time for your content creation in your calendar. You got to block off time in your calendar to get this done with scripting video whether it's shooting the video whether it's. It's editing or producing or actually putting it out there on Youtube. When are you can actually do these tasks? Put them in the counter. Aside time for them put aside the right amount of time, and make sure that you actually show up and do those tests at that time that takes self-discipline, but a calendar helps. You reminds you it carves out. time blocks off time so. So you don't over, commit to other things and end up, not doing what you set out to do with this content, this pack alone will allow to be consistent. You know I find that. If you control your calendar, you control your future control your time. It control you. Do your time so much involved here? A lot of people overlook when the if I look at your calendar and. And you'll have every hour accounted for in your day. Then you're throwing time away somewhere. You don't really know what you're doing every day. You're not really being efficient and not being really covetous of your time. You need to see time as gold right, so use your counter block of time to make this happen. I got more on today's episode, but before that let me give today sponsor. Support for today show comes from Zen Desk. Let's be honest. Things are a little weird right now. The sudden change in the world in the world of business has created new challenges. A lot of companies are struggling to keep up with what matters most their customers now more than ever treating your customers right serving them right making sure they're taking care of is so important people. 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