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140: How Zion Ends Up in Court w/ Daniel Wallach & Dan Lust - burst 04


Type deals. I know different context, but that's Cam Newton's doing an in new. England is getting approve it deal groove your work, a short term deal but to to dense point. This is almost a deal as if Gina. Ford was Zion Williamson of the agent world. and. Just not something commensurate is what you would. You would expect to see so again. That's why we're here and that's why hopefully I think we can sit so good lawyers, so we were in the situation wouldn't have happened. I think even a band lawyer would have recommended not to sign an at that. But I think what what Gina Ford did here to succeed, and basically preempt the A was. She got in early she she ingratiated ingratiated herself with Zion's mother and his stepfather as far back as January of two thousand and nineteen now under this North Carolina Law. which is all the Uniform Athlete Agents Act? If

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