Justin Looney's Email Do's and Don't When Contacting the ACA


What tips do you have for people who are GONNA be e mailing the show. Yes sure so I had a couple of ideas that I came up with last night's do's and don'ts for. If you want to email the show so just as a a gauge Last month we got about two hundred and fifty emails. So that's about on par with what we normally do. So of those e mails. We get a lot of different types of emails, so the do's. Do's and don'ts that I have one. The first one is half patients. There's a lot of us we all. Have you know this is all volunteer work? None of us are are sitting in front of our computers everyday nine to five just to answer emails, so it'll take a few days to get a response so just have patients with us THE SECOND ONE IS A. Shorter email is the faster you'll get a reply if you send like a one or two sentence email, and I see it and I can respond to it in one minute or less than I'm GonNa send that a lot quicker than if you send a much longer email hourly want to take time to read through your email and comment on specific things about it, so that one's GonNa. Take me a little bit longer to get to Sophie. Send along email. Give it give you extra days. number three. Everybody gets your email We get emails from people that say hey. Can you pass this Long Matt? Can you pass this to dawn? Or can you make sure Jenna gets this? They already have all the email goes to all of us in drops in everybody's Inbox, so nothing has to be forwarded to anybody else Number four do a little bit of research before emailing. Sometimes, people will say hey. What's the good response to Pascal's wager or How do you respond to the argument from ignorance and a lot of times what I end up doing is just sending them a clip of the show where we were. We've done exactly. But if you just go on Youtube and you go to the search bar, any type in eighty s experience, plus whatever that could be experience Pascal's wager atheist experience arguments merits whatever you'll find five ten, fifteen, probably different videos. Where we've, we've talked about these in detail so a lot of times you can save yourself the trouble by just watching an old clip from the show Next one is a you're not guaranteed to get a reply from your host especially met. By and large Matt gets the most requests from people they want to read. Read this argument that I haven't tell me if what's good and bad about or can not see this or buts match opinion on this and I think Matt will tell you. As much as anybody that he probably has currently has hundreds, if not thousands of emails in his inbox that ecksteen thousand, eight, hundred, sixty four. So, he's he's. He's but one man with many other things to do and so you might not get a reply from him. You are guaranteed however to get a reply from me so if it's something that's not very specific combat, and it's something that I might know the answer to I'm going to give you my two cents, and that's hopefully that counts for something. And the last one last do is leaving email in your voice mail, so you have a voicemail number that you can call the show. You can call not this show, but you can call the leave a voicemail and a lot of times. People leave voicemails, but they don't leave an email, and I can reply to you a lot quicker if you. If you just give an email, I can reply straight to your voicemail of email, so do even. in voicemail that you might leave on the show line. And then the one that I that I figured out in the think. That's a pretty good one is. Don't send links to videos a lot of times. People will send a link and they'll say hey. Can you debunk this? And when I click on it, it's an hour long or two hour long lecture and it's it's like we. We definitely don't while it would be great if we could. We could respond although in deep. Deep Oncology's videos. There's just not a not the time for that, and if it's a short video, it's like maybe five minutes or less than that than I might actually bring up the video. Take a look at it and give you my thoughts, but if it's an hour two-three hour long lecture at some conference, there's just no way that me or I think I can speak for all the hosted. Anybody has the time. To respond to that so the best thing I think in that case would be to try to contact that person. find their email that pastors email that preachers leave a whoever it is, and give them our number of the show and have them call into show, so yeah, let's dance.

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