Trump, top officials defend response to Russia bounty threat


The White House is stepping up its defense of its response to intelligence assessments that suggested Russia had offered bounties for killing U. S. troops in Afghanistan White House press secretary Kaylee McEntee continues to set president trump wasn't briefed on the intelligence assessments about a Russian bounty because they weren't verified a career CIA officer with more than thirty years tenure who made the decision not to brief it up in the national security adviser greedy says president trump does have confidence in his national security team which says retaliatory options were being prepared Mackanin he was asked why the administration's denouncing the intelligence leak but not the idea there was a price for killing American troops this administration has acted tough on Russia always makes the decision that's in the best interest of protecting our troops intelligence officials have told the Associated Press former national security adviser John Bolton told colleagues he had briefed trump on the matter Jackie Quinn Washington

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