Don't Tie Dye Your Cats - #603


Special. Ernie. Sorry of. What, your third, you should be demanding your title. It hello guys, Isa I am director and showrunner I recorded by our Solu-. It's out here. It's me. Hell? Queen Acquaintance President. We finally showed a little bit of it last week. Right on social. Finding a little look at it. When when was that? When people I hear about? It was like earlier this year. Yes, because it was a small clip from some of the. Early. Concept's on the surreal for twenty twenty. Research released and that was like the first. Five years ago. Yeah, the every month is a presidential year at this point. That's true. What is time anymore? Yeah, welcome. Speaking of time, people have to wait a couple more weeks to see it. It's coming out. July thirteenth. For I members of the week after will be for public and Youtube so stick around for that. Is it going to be on the mission? You? Yes RTA. Mission Youtube also on research as well fun fact episodes are short enough that sometimes I think about like. Why don't we just upload the episode on twitter and the People Watch it but. There's a lot of places doing stuff like that nowadays like uploading complete content on social media. You can upload it on Tiktok and they'll steal your clipboard and. Is that what they do in Nicu clipboard. Looking at your clipboard superior clipboard all the time. Clip Bogus. But. To. Take pictures of buts or just the word butts just typed out inquiry. It really depends on the time of day. Like an evening clipboard is different to a morning. Also. I want to make a confession here I. Keep wanting to say. As real, instead of Arizel gets so good. Every time everytime I'm not saying it wrong. I think we were in a meeting the other day. That was like a company meeting I one person set that I was like Oh. Post was Torian. Season So that that's hilarious. Expose. On blast my co-developer Ikea, writer Josh, he we. We mentioned since it went through a couple of different names, if only because. fun fact, the there's a company who also owns the original title at the trademark for so we had to come up with a new name and one of the things judgments and was. If we commit to recorded by our Saul, we have to commit to people. Saying the name wrong and I'm like all right. Let's go. Can Get. Behind that The person who's worked on Ruby I'm sure you're you're you're used to it? I know somebody. I know so many people who pronounce our WB WI. Fi. It's totally okay. Just remember everyone as real is a demon. and. So. I know all too well. You're cool. Stare into the Lens. A nerve. Have Y'all mentioned what the show's about, or what's going on with it or what? The story is what? I've been working with marketing. They actually did really good when sentence bit so the premise of recorded by our assault, it is. This is a prelude to a story. It's a four part series of very short logs. Where are Saul is a high school student? Who is doing this extra credit assignment about whether or not the life that she signing up for is the life that she really wants. So kind of classic What's the classic existential crisis? pre-college is how I. How I would. Make the equivalent for it. Is. Taking a gap year GONNA find herself in Europe. Exactly. She's going to learn about all these people go go through Asia as well. I love that because it's such A. relatable situation to be that age and trying to figure out like what the Hell Am. I supposed to be doing or is this direction going in like? Am I going to be happy doing that and I feel like there's so much pressure on people of that age to like figure out their entire life. Yeah, right, then absolutely there is a. I thought of something and then I forgot it, so you know what let's. I think we got distracted by the beautiful shot of just you and me on. These men I want this I want Isa's box next week can I can I can I? Can I be? Mean already host separate from like. Participants in the credits. Whatever well we as cost, but you'll the host. A. Host and then like featuring blah blah blah blah. I think in the credits. Didn't come up with them, and then like numerous like executive producer credits for people who are like long people who've never existed. Set design credits for a set. We haven't sat on in three. Pictures of in. It's in the INTRO, and if you train and set, that's true. Yeah we'RE GONNA eventually. Use it again Ali. Be Mixture. It's GonNa. Be Coming back to like a post. Apocalyptic world where everything has like vines growing. To like the last of US someone that's. screwing up through the CAL please please please. It's GonNa. It's GONNA BE JUMANJI stage five. That's. The! We had bats in their once years ago when we moved in. That story is a classic like Oh. Yeah, remember that time. Yeah it was terrible idea to try to handle it ourselves. Call Animal Control. Which we actually did. I was so confused. Everyone's like out I was like Sobat and then I found out that there's rabies in the US still not been eradicated was like. Shit you get. You can radically it. They don't have rabies in the UK. No, no, since like the twenties. How do you read a now? Is The twentieth no, since the last twenty. We're not convincing that with polio. Sounds a little bit more rational.

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