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Rock Candy Ep. 125: Interview with Eddie Reyes of Taking Back Sunday


Special episode for your kids today very fucking special. I'm very excited about it. She is right, hope everybody. gones. That's how you know. Ashes actually excited. Pointed Down in the dancy to Satan to sand. Yes so today we have a special episode. I'm Maggie I'm Ashley and today. We have a very special third guest Eddie raise. Yes, you might know him. as the basically the person who started taking back Sunday ashes favorite pant, literally my favorite ban on the planet. She splurging everywhere right now. It's a mess. My dresses are just destroyed. Come everywhere. But yeah. If you were present at all in the early two thousands when the IMO train fucking hit it big I definitely swept through the Motrin. You were way too into sky so into Scott Jj pop. But if you were like any normal person, and you paid attention to rock music, then you would know that taking back. Sunday was thing in the early two thousand I mean it's arguably thing they definitely are still saying and I am into it. She but Eddie pretty much started taking back Sunday way back in the day when we were just we ll asses. Yes, and somehow we landed in interview with him. Somehow your through the magic of social media. We ended up landing interview. The blessings of N. thank. God praise known preseason. Not Thank God think San. And all that shit so yeah, we're here to present to you our interview with Eddie. Rodriguez s one of the most adorable and chatty human beings. I have ever met in my life. Yes, get ready for stories. Yes, some some wonderful stories and I'm very very happy that he decided to come on the show I got so much fun I. Really Hope we are France after this. WHERE BE WE'RE BFF's? He said so yes that. that. Anyway buckle up kids. Here's a special interview. It's like we're. We're real podcasters now air some. We're adults. Anyway enjoy it. All right I think we're good. It is happening. So. How are you doing? On good. I got a houseful hungry people waiting for me to take her. All right we'll make, we'll make a little bit quick as quick as. They can wait. Time it's time of the Rony. Things are spicy, even here would. Kids out there foods, but they ones are. Going to have to wait yeah, well first and foremost. Thank you so much for for doing this with us. Sink US pretty, fucking awesome! Awesome! Thank God cast I. Call Tomorrow Night. I'm doing one Josh from. Cody is good friend of mine. He hit me up and we're going to do a podcast tomorrow night on his show about addiction and. And not being not being music, really anymore and stuff like yeah. because. He took a break on going for a long time today, so it's going to be based on that so. I did one for the sledge hammer horror show. We talked about horror movies nine. That's. 'cause last night I finally watched the original wicker man. I have watched. It's. Yeah and there's a very big difference between the original and the Nicholas Cage. And then go. and. Turn! Nobody can. Commands travel yeah. Lot of You Know Oh seventies are just and there is. There's a lot of great things about the Nicholas Cage won, but the original is so subtle and fucking weird. Yeah, it's so weird, but also Christopher leads an and he's amazing when all the music to is unsettling, because you have like everybody's singing like those like pagan songs. Like going on. You know. I'll get a little personal. Friends was a a weekend. And so she invited me to one of her, the their annual gathering in the woods, and I the whole time I was like this is the can I curse yes? I was like this is the fucking Wickham. Me Afterward. Like which is our dancing around with fire and I'm like what the Hell's going on, but We on Nice, so you could have very well ended up being. They're sacrificial. Alston's. You brought us this cute little Chubby, ferry. Shame their religion. They're probably going to be. Cool School. He'll this shitty chicken instead? Yeah? Yeah. That is. For. People have at least it's not me. She was the house like neither. No not unless you're made of Tofu which I don't think you are. spiciness blood. Yeah Yeah Anyway. Now I just want some Tofu. Some Spanish spices in it though 'cause I bet. Real good. My daughter's vegetarian. So when I go out of like I'm Columbian. Colombian so when I cook coming through it. I have to cook the Colombian version of Vegetarian food so. Well. That's nice. You're Nice Dad when I was. A vegetarian was thirteen and my mom's like Nah. Fuck you. Make Your own dinner. She's like pescatore. Fish meat through Maggie. That's Ryan. On be reminded about it. She was telling me you know oysters are. Vegan I'm like. I don't WanNa. Get into it I. Don't think that's true, but you know what. You Burnett. She's like asthma nervous system. Coming, they reproduce allies Sh-. She's just me excuses because she wants to eat oysters. Two year old before general where say. And logic where she needs to yeah. So this is the show. This is our show. Yeah, we bullshit a lot. Talk have have random. You know ten yeah tangents. That's tangible, would you? What would you dig mostly into? Like? What do you was the? Like the premise of of our will show here is basically. It's behind the music. But more indepth will hot takes a lot of MACs more heartaches a of taking people to task for the bullshit that they pulled back in the sixty seventies

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