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B s news time. A 20 Corona virus Infections amongst the inmate population of San Quentin Prison shows no sign of leveling off, KCBS reporter Tim Ryan tells us tonight, Prison officials are counting on the quick construction of a pop up hospital. The same Quinton numbers air stunning 1000 and 80 inmates have tested positive. That's about 42% of all of the prisoner cases in the states. 35 lockups North. The Assemblyman Mark Levin calls the transfer of infected prisoners to the oldest prison in the state. Quote the biggest prison health screw up in state history. So there are a lot of people that made many bad decisions that led us to this, and it's hard to kind of stuff this all back in the box because Quite frankly, if I were to look at San Quentin and look at that data, it seems like it's a house on fire. Dozens of the sickest inmates have been transferred to area hospitals with round the clock security. San Quentin is building triage tents and a 125 dead pop up hospital. Levine says Many inmates are refusing testing and that it's highly likely the true number of infections behind the walls is double. What is now being reported, more than 100 employees have contracted the virus as well. Ah, Corrections Department spokeswoman declined a request for an interview. Tim Ryan KCBS, California state auditor, says executives at the state Board of registered Nurses falsified data and reports to make it look as if the board was properly managing nursing investigations when in fact, it wasn't As the Sacramento Bee reports, the board attempted to cover up the fact that it was assigning too many cases to each of its investigators. Auditors also found that investigators were often taking more than three years even in cases, including allegations of patient harm. Report states that the executives behavior constituted gross misconduct. Healthcare workers and San Francisco's Chinatown are coming together to condemned racism against Asian Americans during the spike in covert 19 cases. KCBS is Carrie, who dissect reports from the San Francisco from the San Francisco Chinese Hospital. Medical Professionals are calling out President Trump for referring to covert 19 as the Chinese virus and the Kung flew The student says. As the number of cases continues to increase,

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