Where does it leave the pro democracy movement in Hong Kong. Given that the likes of Joshua Wong


In Hong Kong. Given that the likes of Joshua Wong Agnes Chow has pretty much, uh, cut ties with the political groups. Yeah, well, Joshua Wong and others of the de Macedo party resigned their top positions and then disbanded the party late yesterday after the imposition of this national security law. The indication is that they did not want to as the figureheads of the party possibly implicate others in the movement. So perhaps it will go more underground. The last Twitter post that I saw from Joshua Wong. Last night he recited a passage from the Bible from Psalms about walking through the valley, etcetera, etcetera, which is often times Used in eulogies. So obviously the pro democracy camp here is figuring out what they can do. Is it game over? I've asked pro democracy lawmakers and pro democracy activists like Emily Lau is this game over and they said No, it's not game over. That was before the law was implemented, but we didn't know that it was coming down the pike. Still, I think there's a lot of reassessment of strategy going forward right now. But this law is very firm. If you're going to violate any those laws on national security, the law of the land will come down hard on you. Right, Chief North Asia correspondent. Seven angle in Hong Kong and we have a line here out of Indonesia. Bang Indonesia, intervening directly in the F Export interbank market is set of sports USD idea reference rate

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