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AC repair at triple A. Bob's


Clear cut Chris but the good looking morning yeah it is and if you can grab a coffee and sat out there for a little bit maybe from your workstation outside for a bit this morning sh they will say it is going to be a warmer afternoon you'll want to hundred percent leaves shade out there on the doctrine I'd make it into the mid eighties mostly sunny skies but still so we're not getting into that David definitely tomorrow definitely tomorrow right yeah and then it gets a little bit of rain although jump forward to the weekend is because I care the weekend looks pretty good yeah I mean most of the rain within thirty tomorrow night Thursday Friday will have hit or miss showers in terms of the weekend rain moves out humidity drops even the temperatures settle back into the mid eighties and also good news this weekend the level of the Ohio River this past weekend actions date with the flooding but it was pretty high for boaters the best boating weather this weekend I mean that river is dropping several speech between now and the weekend so I think the people that vote on the Ohio will like this much more you're just full of good news I think it's great thank you for your nineteen okay there's no matter it's all about my well that's a long all right thanks to talk to you later bye M. to sixty two right now seven hundred WLW

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