Astronauts describe first ride aboard SpaceX Crew Dragon in press conference from ISS


All newly arrived in NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and dog Hurley joined by astronaut Chris Cassidy in a press conference from the international space station on Monday the new shuttle giving off that new shuttle some held a few well almost like a car the astronauts say they will be returning to earth with a very important flag was a little bit of of space smell in the vestibule then when we've got the that hatch open you could tell it was a brand new vehicle with smiley faces on the other side smiley face on mine just as if you had bought a new car the same kind of reaction it wonderful to see my friends and wonderful to see a brand new vehicle one of the things I was most excited about was being able to make a phone call home you know with it's been a long time since I launched into orbit and I've got a little boy who got a chance to watch me do that for the first time in his life and I just wanted to understand what his experience was ensure that a little bit with him while it was still fresh in his mind he was able to make the trip back to Houston after watching the docking from down in Florida and was pretty excited about the the whole thing so that was a wonderful for me the short answer is Chris had it right on the hatch where we left it nine years ago and it's right here and I think he's got a note do not forget to take with dragons so depending on how long we stay up there and you can bet we will take it with us when we depart back to earth from that standpoint I think you know we we've talked about this flag before many times over the last nine years since we left here on SS one thirty five and I think the important point is is as I said before just returning launch capability to the United States to and from the international space station and that's what this flag really means and and I think a little bit more it's it's said that thousands of people that made it possible

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