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Having me on the day with you and thank you for always being an ally


Reality is what is happening right now all over this country is that you have agitators like the end people group and other groups and a lot of them unfortunately our Caucasian agitators that are infiltrating peaceful protests and disrupting them and inciting riots and what trump is speaking of is happening from the very people in which she continues to live up with his own propaganda so the U. of militarizing our city is just another form of excessive force in addition to this I believe this is all a part of the greater plan anyway which is why the increase the group have been planted in the cities nationwide if so that it would give him the ability to declare martial law and that's why you know what our our peaceful protesters you cannot stop we must continue to press forward because they are trying to kill this conversation so that we can go back to our daily lives and there's no change ever affected and we have to continue marching forward because Intel our demands are met into our solutions are met then there will be there's no justice no peace in it that's it I

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