Trump says GOP is pulling convention from North Carolina


For president an eighth trump straight says night this summer's protesters Republican fanned convention out nationwide will not be while held speaking in North Carolina out against after police all violence the president says he's looking for a new host state after North Carolina governor here in Roy Washington Cooper George a Democrat Floyd refused was the rallying to guarantee cry the convention could be held in Charlotte thousands gathered without in Lafayette restrictions park due across to a coronavirus from the White House concerns Cooper told organizers in New the York pandemic mayor requires bill de Blasio planning promised for a scaled they're being down hurt event with and we fewer will make people that change the president I had am been certain demanding I a guarantee full house it diplomacy at Charlotte's was resisting spectrum center president trump's GOP demands that governors he bring in in Tennessee the National Florida Guard to and stop Georgia violent had shown protesters interest in hosting thousands the convention of troops are on if the streets North Carolina here in DC fell through and elsewhere Sager in the Chicago made Connie suburb Washington of Cicero Cesar Bautista is glad to see them after days of deadly violence it makes me feel safer at Lydia vehicle Rana says they shouldn't be there overkill I think it's a no I think it's a ridiculous song or make ani Washington

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