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Best Of: Domonique Foxworth Day II - burst 18


Woods HBO was getting involved with Tiger, woods in a massive documentary and Major League Baseball's channel doing twenty sixty four straight hours of jeeter coverage at a time. When the athlete is screaming to be heard, we are still out here, saying Ken. We just stick to the guys who say nothing. Can we please just continue to focus on the excellence of the sports and let's bury everybody in content. These documentaries could have been done at any time in the last ten years. We're doing now all of them, please. Let's get back to. To Sports, so we could go back to talking about the meaningless stuff instead of the stuff that makes America burn all right, but let's remember just a week ago. Everything was about the corona virus, and a pandemic, and their war knows sports at Tiger. Woods does have an actual story to tell whether it's interesting or not to some people right now doesn't matter. He does have an interesting inspiring story, and these things stay planet so I'm certain that they were planning on airing this I. Understand your overall point, but it is tiger woods. Woods as a story to tell at last week, we would have been so excited about this dead part Docu series and I. Don't think it's even though Dan makes a good point. I don't think it's these executives actively seeking the people that say nothing. We just had a very recent example of Michael Jordan, being a huge ratings success, so they're just trying to replicate the formula with Uber famous sports people that can bring in the months ratings at least I would I would think, or maybe there's a more sinister. No, I don't actually. Actually think it's a conspiracy, I just think it's a mindset in sports that is invalid, my entire journalism career and it's and it's given me a path to be the guy who urinate on all the mythology like there was some elaine here. Stu Gods like wait a minute I can go per tween, jeeter and Brady and woods and Michael, Jordan and slalom in that they're not doing anything like Ali would have done with. This platform were really not going to stretch Freddie Mitchell out though to ten episode. What's

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