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7 Unconventional Tactics to Scale Any Consulting Business


Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil. Patel and today we're GonNa talk about seven unconventional tactics to scale any agency or consulting business right now, so number one. Neil and I talk about this a lot I think during times this where people are might be dialing back their purse strings a little bit. You know you offer some type of thing where it's a no-brainer to work with you so in a no brainer example would be. Let's say I go to kneel and say hey, Neil. I like to work with you to provide at services, you and I. I know you need help and you can't really afford it right now. Why don't we work for you for a month or two for free? And then you know then we have annual deal agreement after that so basically how it workers? You don't pay for the first two months, but what you can do is you can split up the cost with the next ten months afterwards, and you can make it. That's good for you. Actually 'cause you get repaid on it. They get to save on cash flow for a little bit, and you get a longer term deal, so that's the first one. The next one is use project management solutions, because if you're trying to scale your consulting business and you're, don't use project management solutions to communicate with your clients, communicate internally and track time and hours on who's doing what it's a pain and a nightmare to continue to scale and grow by doing that what you'll do is you'll quickly figure which clients are profitable. which ones aren't which ones you're? You're not spending enough time on which ones you need to spend more time on as well as how people could be more efficient too, so that we can get more done for your customers for the amount of time that they're spending because they're paying a flat fee in theory ends up coming down to hourly rate because you know that you have cost and yet to make sure as Number three, I think it's really important to learn copywriting what I mean by. That is not just writing essays or whatever, but learning how to be persuasive learning how to structure sentences learning how to write less doing less with more a lot of that. Is that ties into how you do work with anybody really whether it's your your friends, or whether it's in business, but there's a course called increased on academy, and you know this is shared by our mutual friends Saieed, and he actually started out. What's his team and what? What happened was they got a lot copyright like they know how to write email copy now they know how to write all this other copyrights of Lincoln copy email copy linked, and especially I see the people that are writing good copy. They get like four to five hundred comments or so, and that's just awareness for you so I think you know taking advantage of organic reach was linked thin, and just in general when you email people being very sustained. That's going to get you more at bats for getting more deals. As a consulting business and discussing a number four is you need consistent deals new customers more revenue, because if you're not getting that one, you're not gonNA skill to your consulting businesses going to dwindle away. So what I want you to do is go look all the recently funded companies. You can get a list on places like crunch base, and I want you to outlying everything that they're doing wrong that you. You can help them with and breakdown how they can fix it all in a PDF. Send it to the founders and investors, and let them have all the information for free way of find is a portion of twenty thirty percent should be hiring you to fix those issues. It's a great way to scale your client generation or your generation side of your consulting business, all right number five is niching down. Down so here's the thing like we have an agency accelerator coaching program where we help agencies grow and the number one thing that I see that's a problem. Is that people in the very beginning? Try to compare themselves to the big agencies Oh. My God the big agencies all these big clients they work with all these people. They were across all these industries, our full service and they try to be everything. Everything to everyone, but keep in mind. They have a lot more resources in terms of capital and human capital as well. You don't have that, so you have to think about what you're really good at what industries are good at also what services you're exceptional lots because we tried to do all this stuff in the beginning to overwhelm you, and before you know it, you're out of business. You gotta think. Think about how you can be focused in the very beginning and the problem with agency type businesses is, it's really easy to become unfocused because there's a shiny new object every single day. The next thing I want you to do is streamline your reporting process. There's a lot of tools out there from Sem Russia's to address to what's agency analytics. Is that what it's called Yeah Raven Tools There's a lot. Lot of software for whatever nature an that help you streamline your reporting. You can even use things like Google data studio, but if you don't have your reporting right cause any type of consulting business you're in. You'RE GONNA deal with clients on a regular basis. Send him notes on what's being done and the results whether it's marketing or something else about streamlining the report creation will save so many hours from. From your team all right number seven last, but not least think about how you can structure talked about in the very beginning pricing where maybe they don't pay you, but if the timing is right, what you can do is think about how you can price based on value or how you can price based on performance, so here's an example if I get on a sales, call it somebody instead of saying hey. Hey We just charge twenty five hundred dollars, a month or five thousand dollars a month or whatever you know. I actually have a conversation saying. Hey, Neil, you know if we're able to get these results for you. Let's say we make you ten million dollars. Are you in the pay? Million Dollars Neil of course, and it'll be like okay. How much does it? It's ten million in profit or ten million. Right ten million in revenue. I don't know but yeah, yeah, well. Let's assume Neil is not you know meals, not the entrepreneur. Let's say it's actually like big company and you know it's like a executive like a director level. There probably would be okay with either or it is true anyway, so the thing is like if you can get them to say okay if we're GONNA, work together and you know after a year or so you know what we're having coffee. What would success actually look like? What do you want right? So you actually get to the crux of what they want. And then what you can do is, you can charge a small medium large type of thing. Thing meaning instead of just charging to five grand. Maybe your lowest years five, grand, five, grand, fifteen, grand sixty grand a month like six Grand Fu pricing right, and sometimes you put like you know additional levels of support, but what happens is sometimes people have such a big ego that they just over two biggest ones. No, no, no, we're! We're going to go for the biggest one and I've seen that happen a couple of times, so that is number seven I hope that's

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