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Ep 197: Trouble or Nothing - burst 07


Against that man number two is Matt. Hardy is Mick Foley of w now that he can switch between personas. It's fun I'm not talk. Look I think I'd just because I'm not a fan of broken hardy and don't think he belongs in wrestling matches stuff. I've a fan of Matt Hardy. The person I liked the version of Matt Hardy that we got in the match can stay for a long time. And then we'll just bring out the broken every once in a while. I just feel how I feel about fan and his demon alter ego so I do understand where you're coming from I I enjoy broken hearted but I. I know he's not for everyone but I love. I love the Oh we were thinking a few more years back from that actually. I like watching the box. Live out of childhood dreams onscreen with a little faces every time he came out and they can't even hide it like they cannot hide how happy they are. I do love that. Joy is contagious and I did enjoy it. I expected him to come out in full high-voltage gear when they wanted him to take it back. Oh is he going to do? Are we gonNA get Omega Wrestling Mat? Party full fringe and he. How good did he look like? How does not

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